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Stage of History is a Lincoln based experimental music act. Blending genres from Dance to Indie, Rock to Electronica and more, Stage’s goal is to create a diverse soundscape. All music is written and sequenced by Andrew Beeken who also plays guitar and keys.

New Track: Glitter

Here it is! The first track taken from the long gestating LP “The Rebellion”! It’s called Glitter and it’s a bit of a departure from the usual SoH sound. The Rebellion as a whole will mix instrumentals with songs, taking the sound in a different direction. I’m trying some different things on here and I should hopefully have it available on BandCamp soon, once I’ve finished the final mix on the tracks! In the meantime, listen to Glitter and let me know what you think!

New Track: A Theory About Unicorns

So things have been a bit quiet on here of late. I’ve been working on some new music and figuring out what tracks fit together for a fairly sizeable release next year. I’m about sorted with that and I’m looking to move into a final mixing and mastering phase after the new year. I’ve started playing around with Adobe Audition and I’ll be using that to stitch everything together. In the meantime I’ve decided to release some solo tracks that haven’t made the cut to the album, starting with this one. Check it out below; it’s a free download so help yourself!


New Release – A Different Kind of Mourning

The New EP, A Different Kind of Mourning, is out NOW and available to listen to and buy below. If you like it, consider a purchase – it’s only a single pound for these six tracks!

A return…

Hello all! Things have been quiet here for a while. I’ve been busy working and taking some time out on my other projects at Short Cut Films. I’ve also been struggling to find out what Stage of History really is. I spent some time trying to figure out how to bring Rapture to a live audience, looking at turning it into a film, maybe a one man show, perhaps putting a band together. In my mind none of this really seemed to click; the tracks didn’t sound right outside of the recording and everything sort of lost momentum.

Jump forward a few months and I’m revisiting everything. I’ve written a new EP which I shall be putting on Bandcamp soon and I’ve uploaded one of my favourite tracks from Rapture, Dreaming of Analise, to SoundCloud (you can hear it below, too!).

For me, Stage of History is a recorded project. I’ll be trying to release tracks on SoundCloud fairly regularly – there’s a bunch of stuff from recent sessions that I’ve not been wholly happy with for an extended recording but I’ll be looking to share.

So keep your eyes here and there, listen, enjoy and share – that’s all I can ask for!

Stage of History on the radio!

Tim Johns at BBC Lincolnshire played Coming Down on his Introducing in Lincolnshire show! Check it out on iPlayer here:

New Track! Polly

Fiddling with some new recording gear, this turned from an experiment into a fully fledged and mixed track. It’s a cover of Nirvana’s Polly, with added Stage of Historyness. This is also the first SoH track to feature vocal samples. It’s a free download on SoundCloud so check it out, and don’t forget that Rapture is also available from BandCamp! (

Rapture – available now!

The new album from Stage of History, Rapture, is now available on BandCamp for only £1.50. Ten original tracks, written and produced by Andrew Beeken, in addition to a bonus single mix of the track Coming Down which is also available to hear below.

Click here to listen to and buy the complete album, Rapture.