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A return…

May 17, 2013

Hello all! Things have been quiet here for a while. I’ve been busy working and taking some time out on my other projects at Short Cut Films. I’ve also been struggling to find out what Stage of History really is. I spent some time trying to figure out how to bring Rapture to a live audience, looking at turning it into a film, maybe a one man show, perhaps putting a band together. In my mind none of this really seemed to click; the tracks didn’t sound right outside of the recording and everything sort of lost momentum.

Jump forward a few months and I’m revisiting everything. I’ve written a new EP which I shall be putting on Bandcamp soon and I’ve uploaded one of my favourite tracks from Rapture, Dreaming of Analise, to SoundCloud (you can hear it below, too!).

For me, Stage of History is a recorded project. I’ll be trying to release tracks on SoundCloud fairly regularly – there’s a bunch of stuff from recent sessions that I’ve not been wholly happy with for an extended recording but I’ll be looking to share.

So keep your eyes here and there, listen, enjoy and share – that’s all I can ask for!

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